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Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) The FILLM Newsletter
Volume 2 | March 2015

Next Volume

The next volume of The FILLM Newsletter will come out on 15 June 2015. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter or have some information for us to include, please send a message to aborch@abo.fi (Deadline: 1 June 2015).

New FILLM Logo and Visual Identity

It is with great happiness that FILLM can here present its new logo and visual identity. At the Ningbo Congress, the FILLM Committee decided to strengthen the federation's identity by designing a logo for the federation as well as a more clear-cut visual profile. You can see the result here and by visiting the FILLM website...

FILLM's new visual identity is based on the federations's profile and values. The FILLM colors are green, light grey and dark blue. These colours have been chosen because they are generally considered to represent confidence, respect, loyalty, stability and freshness, all traits which suit FILLM's values. Likewise, the version of the FILLM logo which looks like a cut circle (see on the right) symbolises the globe and the gaps the aim of reaching out to others. For more information about the logo and how to use it ....

FILLM's visual identity and its logo have been designed by Martina Dahm. If you wish to see more of Martina's excellent work or get in touch with her, please visit her website.

Update of the FILLM Website

In conjunction with the presentation of FILLM's new visual identity, the federation's website has also been given an overhaul. It is not an extensive update. The main point has mainly been to have the website conform with the federation's new colour scheme and to reorganize some of the contents. One thing to note is that FILLM's Member Associations are now much better presented on the website ...

If you find there are some problems with the new website (e.g. faulty links, language errors, layout issues, etc.), please do let us know.

New Fee Structure for FILLM Member Associations

At the FILLM Committe's General Meeting in Ningbo, China in June 2014, the federation reassessed its membership fee structure and agreed it was necessary to adjust itself to the economic realities of academic organizations today. It was therefore decided that FILLM will base its membership fee structure on that of each individual Member Association.

In practice, this means that 1) FILLM levy no membership fee from Member Associations that do not themselves levy membership fees from their own members; 2) Member Associations that levy a fee from their own members pay a flat rate of €80 per year to FILLM. These rates will apply from 2015 and it is up to each Member Association to declare which of the two groups it belongs to. For more information on the new fee structure and where to address your questions ...

Major versus Minor  
The first volume in FILLM's book series FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures will be published this summer. The book is entitled Major Versus Minor? Languages and Literatures in a Globalized World and contains 18 articles exploring the opposition between languages or literatures perceived as “major” and “minor”, two terms which are sometimes qualitative in connotation, sometimes quantitative, and sometimes both at once, depending on who is using them and with reference to what. For more details, including the Table of Contents...

The book is edited by Theo D'han, Iannis Goerlandt and Roger D. Sell. It is published by John Benjamins Publishing.

FILLM on Facebook
FILLM on Facebook

You can also get all the latest FILLM news via our Facebook page. (And if you visit us there, don't forget to 'like' us!)


In the last volume of The FILLM Newsletter, Professor Adams Bodomo was described as "one of FILLM's new Secretary-Generals". He is of course one of FILLM's new Assistant Secretary-Generals.

News from CIPSH and our Member Associations

AULLAThe Australasian Universities Languages and Literature Association (AULLA) is jointly organising a convention at the University of Wollongong from 7-11 July 2015. The theme for the convention will be "Literary Networks," which covers a very broad range of research intersections with reading and writing. For more information ...

IADAThe 15th conference of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) will take place in Nancy, France from 27-29 August 2015. The event marks the 25th anniversary of IADA and the theme of the conference is "Anthropologies of Dialogue".

IASSThe 31st conference of IASS (International Association for Scandinavian Studies) will be held at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) from 9-13 August 2016. The theme is "Transit Norden och Europa". For more information, see the conference website ....

Call for PapersFILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures

 FILLM is looking for contributions to its book series FILLM Studies in Languages and Literatures. The series is published in collaboration with John Benjamins Publishing Company and former FILLM President Roger D. Sell is the Series Editor. For more on the aims of the series and how to submit a book proposal...


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